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Published on February 19th, 2014 | by manty


Women’s point of view on mantyhose

By looking at all the #mantyhose tweets out there for the past couple of years, a large majority of people are not taking the topic seriously and make fun of it.

This is a natural reaction for whoever doesn’t understand it.

Women tend to say that they either get turned off or would never be stand the idea of having their partner wearing them while men are just spontaneously making fun of it.

Like I keep saying, why does pantyhose be only enjoyed by women? Men wore them first, women wear pants, men wear lycra boxers, women wear boyshorts, come on let’s admit it, clothes are becoming unisex and naturally pantyhose should be part of it.

We’re not talking about men wearing bras, which is useless and would be definitively referred as a “fetish” but pantyhose have their benefits, one of them being the feeling of lycra or nylon on legs.

To the men’s making fun of it, well man up, try a pair on, and admit that pantyhose feel extremely good on your legs, especially if you shave your legs.

To the women’s out there that can’t stand the idea, most of those women are anti hosiery people, who either never had the luxury of wearing great quality hosiery or are just not able to picture a man wearing them. Fashion industry is evolving quite fast and whether we appreciate it or not, meggings, mantyhose will obviously be part of it because clothing is becoming genderless. A lot of women find their attractive on men, because some women don’t get scared of admitting it…

If you live in the city, chances that you come across men wearing tights on a daily basis is becoming more and more a reality. Thanks to the athletes, but soon, athletes wearing them will want to wear them as a regular piece of their outfit (with shorts for instance). To those women, understand that millions of men around the world are currently wearing them under their pants for many reasons. They just don’t show them because of the stigmas of our current society but as soon as it becomes a fashionable item, if all these men would take them out, it would be somewhat a great revolution!

Men that never wore them will hopefully get a chance to try them on, and not feel ashamed of it.

I’ve been following the trend since 1994, and despite the fact that we are 20 years later, the revolution is happening!

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4 Responses to Women’s point of view on mantyhose

  1. Blackie Ray says:

    ‘mantyhose’ is a horrible name as is ‘pantyhose’. Better ‘tights’ or….I don’t know… ‘stockings’ would be ok. Legwear would also be ok.

  2. Douglas says:

    I enjoy wearing pantyhose. I work on my feet and they make my legs feel good. My wife also likes it and encourages me to wear them, especially in the bedroom. I have been wearing nylons snowmobiling and ice fishing for years as they are warm and not bulky and restrictive like long underwear. I find they are very comfortable and it feels good to feel then on my legs.

  3. Mike says:

    I’m a straight married male in my 50’s. I had both knees replaced about 3 years ago (separate ocassions 9 months apart). After my 2nd surgery my wife, a healthcare professional noticed swelling and discoloration in my leg. My surgeon said I have edema or chronic venous insufficiency and need to wear compression stockings. Not just knee high, but thigh high or waist high pantyhose. So I have worn daily the past 2 years and love it. I have mostly medical gradient, but also a couple of regular sheer pantyhose too. Keeps the swelling down, energizes my legs, keeps me warm and yes love the feel of it on my skin. Hosiery should definitely be unisex. Men wore full leg hosiery for centuries before women. Please we do not need to use terms like mantyhose, guylons or brosiery. I’m fine with Legwear, Tights or keeping the word pantyhose. My wife not only supports my wearing, but pushed it originally. Thanks for your blog

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