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Published on October 24th, 2013 | by manty


The thrill and rush of wearing mantyhose in public

Nervous about going out in public and being judged? Afraid to have to explain your fashion choices to some people unaware of mantyhose? Stressed about being laughed at by people that are not comfortable enough in their skin to make fun at others?

The challenges of wearing mantyhose in public are tremendous.  It’s so much easier to cover your legs up than just showcasing your legs…

We, men, for some reasons have such a harder time to have more freedom when it comes to fashion as opposed to women who, for some reasons, are not being overlooked if dressed more masculine or have shorter hairs. Why can’t we just tolerate and accept such an easy piece of clothing that enhance the look of our legs?

Well some men don’t care about being judged, most of them would be boosted by the confidence of having someone close to them accept or embrace it.  Rob’s comment in a previous post was that he doesn’t care about showing his legs saying that most people don’t pay attention and the few that do won’t say anything. If anyone would approach him and ask him if he’s wairing pantyhose, then he would simply say “Yes, those are compression hosiery for medical reasons”. The more years go by, the more we tend to be more open minded about changes. Gay marriages are now legal in many countries, women can be wearing whatever they’d like, it’s our turn!

I can only appreciate those who do so, because I’m too ashamed or scared of being publicly judged or associated as “the guy wearing pantyhose”. I tend to follow the wagon, hoping others would go first and wait until it gets tolerated then go out without any fears. How bad it is for someone that tries that maintains such as blog… ?!

A lot of people would potentially see us as fetishists, perverts, cross dressers… but don’t actually understand it. It’s easier to give a name to something you don’t know rather than being ok and go with it. Many women and testimonials around the internet say that they are fine with it and sometimes are actually pushing their partner to wear them. This is great, but still my wife wouldn’t be very proud seeing me at the grocery store wearing them…

Check out the Flickr group showing various people wearing them in public, click here.

People’s reaction would most likely be activated if you were wearing a flashy pair of tights in public rather than being classic. If you wear a pair of skin toned pantyhose, people might not even notice (look below)


If you do so, make sure you have shaved legs… ! If you didn’t, then wear a pair of opaque nude tights or else it will look very ugly.

You can be more provocative and wear a pair of black semi opaques


Looks actually pretty cool, and is not really “in your eyes” because of a casual/sport outfit, people might think it’s part of your style.


Now this one is more provocative. Having your partner wear them and stick with you will definitively help to get people not putting you in the crossdresser or pervert category. If this guy was to wear them by himself, the reaction would be completely different, although on that photo, it doesn’t look very masculine.

Pantyhose for men - tights for men - mantyhose by www.mantyhose.

The guide is actually showing this person wearing them in a more fashion way, white opaques under jean shorts works quite well and is quite masculine, it’s just more “risque” and chances to be notices are higher.

Anyway, whether you have the guts to go out with them in public or not, there is definitively some kind of excitement of wearing them out there. I can recall wearing them for the first time outside, although under pants, I was wondering if people would notice that I don’t wear socks, I was scared and excited at the same time. Strange feeling maybe initiated because of the non-acceptance of hose in public and the strong desire to have them noticed and be complimented by women…  But most of my time, I would wear them in the backyard, front porch knowing that nobody would notice but getting the feeling of having my pantyhosed legs exposed to the cold/wind.

My heat is pumping fast with the thought of stepping outside in hosiery, I am attracted to it and really wants to do so with my wife’s support, but I have this little angel or evil voice in my head that tells me that I am not ready to be judged. What a horrible society we are living in… Being feared of people’s judgement over your own well being is sad. It would be easier if a woman was to go out with a masculine item on because somehow we are ok with that.

I believe nude pantyhose would be a first step to wear outside, if you have your legs shaved of course to go out unnoticed.

Does any of you have an experience to share? Submit your story below!



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4 Responses to The thrill and rush of wearing mantyhose in public

  1. Jørn Petersen says:

    Jeg har brugt strømpebukser i rigtig mange år,både tynde 20 din og kraftigere om vinteren,altid under mine Jeans,det er tabu at gå ud i offentligheden iført dem som mant.
    Men hvorfor,piger og damer går i vort tøj bukser og nu også jakkesæt,så hvorfor ikke,når vi ser herre mode shov er der aldrig medtaget Mantyhose hvorfor

  2. Ian says:

    I was in San Francisco for two weeks at Christmas. Being a super laid-back city, I decided to be bold and wear tights with shorts.
    I went for bold patterns. My two favourites were black and grey argyles, and green camo style. I wore them with above the knee denim shorts and black hi-top “Converse” shoes.
    Stepping out into the city for the first time, I thought I was going to hyperventilate and pass out. However, I only got compliments, mostly from women, but even some from guys. I wore Aztec meggings out to the bars at night (sans shorts) which again garnered compliments.
    The experience was totally positive and I wore them every out and about.
    It does take “chutzpah” to wear tights in public for the first time, but once you`ve done it, it`s plain sailing after that.
    Have a look at my fuller story on “Squidoo”….as “Meggingmad”.

  3. Alberto says:

    I love the feeling of the pantyhose on my shaved legs.. I love it so much!
    Leggings, pantyhose, tan or black are my favourites.
    I also like to wear it in public and I don’t care about other people.
    My wife loves my pantyhosed legs and she help me to choose the right size and colour.

    Amazing pictures!
    In the end, I’m not alone… fantastic!

  4. Steve says:

    Last summer I spent a weekend in Rochester, NY with my sister. She knows I wear pantyhose and encouraged me to wear them while out shopping with her. I chose a pair of tan pantyhose to match my skin color, with green shorts and loafers. At first I was so nervous I would hide behind my sister but after the post office and a few stores, I noticed nobody was looking at my legs. After several hours out, I picked up on only two girls checking me out. One was in a store where a girl was pointing at my legs to her friend, the second in a restaurant where a girl complimented me on my legs!

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