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Published on January 13th, 2014 | by manty


Poll results summary

After running this blog for a few months, thanks to you, readers for answering the survey questions.

Some facts are actually getting more clear and helps understand where we are:

67% of people would actually prefer unisex pantyhose rather than buying pantyhose for men
This could be explained by the fact that mantyhose is still a novelty and it would be easier to buy a pair that is meant to be worn by both genders. The other reason might be that a lot of us can fantasize in the actual idea of wearing ourselves and our partner at the same time the same pantyhose and share experiences…

75% of us would rather wear women’s pantyhose rather than mens
This can be easily understood by the fact that men’s pantyhose are still hard to find and don’t have as many options as women’s pantyhose. The other fact is that most of mantyhose are made of microfiber – More resistant but doesn’t have the same sheer comfort that nylon gives on our legs.

People are wearing more transparent hosiery and less opaque
This can be explained again by the fabrics. A sheer hose is so much more comfortable than an opaque. But as it becomes a regular garment, opaque might be the most seen in public places as it’s less radical than wearing a sheer black pair of pantyhose in public. Although people might wear nudeĀ 10 Deniers without being noticed…

People would buy pantyhose at retail stores if they were on display
A lot of us for sure had to deal with the fear of buying pantyhose in public. But if male pantyhose were in sale in the men’s sections, that would make our life easier!

Our wifes/partners are still not 100% sold on it
Sadly, only 10% of our partners are enjoying seeing their man wearing hosiery while, 10% of them can’t stand the idea of it. In between, the 80% left are still debating… We can do so if this become a fashion trend, a must-have that would actually help them see our legs being enhanced when wearing them. We have to wear them in a classy way so they understand that it’s not a fetish but an actual garment that helps us and makes our legs look good.

Criterias in mantyhose
Comfort is the most important criteria along with durability and price.

Well basically it proves that we’re doing some progress. Men are looking for more products, unisex products and would totally buy them if sold at retail stores.

Women are starting to accept it, but again, the majority of them need to be more educated about it, be confronted to more pictures and videos showing regular men wearing them.

Thanks for your support!

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