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Published on October 21st, 2013 | by manty


Pantyhose with “fly opening” is it worth it?!

Activskin, Comfor4Men, Doyeah and a few other brands are offering the option of buying a mantyhose with a fly opening option/addon.

Let’s see it this way, nowadays, when we wear a regular pair of boxers, we actually pull them down when going to the bathroom and don’t actually try to put our genitals through the secret door… With pantyhose, I would say that the trend will remain the same. It’s hard to change your peeing habits although maybe some of you are using the holes?

To me, a fly opening option is more a way to say “hey darling I got a pair of pantyhose and see, they are made for men!” – Just to get her to fully understand the picture, those pantyhose with a fly opening are strictly yours and not hers. Also on the down side, some fly opening hose (I won’t name the brand) but made it a real nightmare when it comes to finding the exit! Maybe it was made for smaller “gifted” persons but it’s like a real labyrinth inside and finding your way out takes a lot of precious seconds and could be painful… I can let you picture the situation!

The other benefit of it might be if you are a fan of having sex with your partner wearing pantyhose, then here is your opportunity to make it easier rather than having to pull the hose (pantyhose) down! Makes it more convenient and gives you more freedom.

Some of you might be turned on by the fact that your partner can actually wear the same hosiery than yours, in which case then you have to go without a fly opening unless she doesn’t mind… !

But again, given the wide range of products we find in the women’s side of hosiery, we have to get used to the women gusset (or not) and keep “pulling down” our pantyhose when going to the bathroom.

I’ve tried both and is not sold by the fly opening… are you?

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One Response to Pantyhose with “fly opening” is it worth it?!

  1. Ray Murray says:

    Been wearing them for years. Started off as therapy for veins and poor circulation, but now rely on them for warmth & comfort. Even wear them to bed to counteract cramp. Feel lost when not wearing them. Wear them in public all the time (year round) and nobody gives a toss.

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