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Published on November 22nd, 2013 | by manty


Pantyhose is a genderless underwear!

I received a few comments on previous posts and it made me realize how simple it is:

Pantyhose is simply genderless!

If you take a different approach, what are the benefits of wearing pantyhose (whatever gender we’re talking about):

  • It keeps you warm
  • It’s comfortable
  • It helps your blood circulation
  • It avoids having to put on Panty or Boxer + Socks (it combines them)
  • It has several benefits when doing sports
  • It looks great

If we’re talking about bras, this is a different story. Bras are meant to keep women’s breasts, which is an area strictly reserved to women. But pantyhose, seriously, this is nothing else than a great piece of underwear that is practical whether you are a man or a woman.

So let’s put our thoughts straight. Pantyhose is per say, definitively genderless.

Reading from other blogs, someone made also a great point saying that why is our society considering men as weak when wearing a feminine piece of garment when women, when wearing men’s garments are considered strong?!

Pantyhose is associated with women just because how the past centuries have gone by, but let’s go back to our roots and get this simple logic out there if anyone would be making fun of us. Because once again, they are not open minded enough, or not able to make their own opinion. It’s like food for example. If they don’t try, they don’t know what they are missing on.

My wife has recently brought a tough conversation saying how much she hates wearing hosiery and how she feels about me wearing them. Basically, it doesn’t turn her on when she knows I have them on, and begs me to take them out in intimate moments. Although I tried to bring up all the pros of hosiery, she is reluctant to it and it’s really hard to admit she might never appreciate it despite all the efforts I put into it.

If the global male population was to start rising in their pantyhosed legs, maybe she could change her mind but until then, this is quite a tough battle!


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4 Responses to Pantyhose is a genderless underwear!

  1. biker says:

    dear friend … I’m still me that I answer to help solve this dilemma. in practice, the woman chooses her clothing mainly to exploit what they can show…more clothe sexy, more will be looked at…most will feel gratified .

    so associates the tights as an accessory that enhances her legs.

    if you tell a woman how her sneakers and her pants are bad . maybe she will be hurt a little bit and maybe answer that she is comfortable and that is trendy .

    if a man brings flowers to a woman is because he knows to bring a great thing that she will appreciate. not because he loves flowers . has always been so . man does good things for women. best fashion designers are men who create clothes for women. women dress to be beautiful in the eyes of men with things made ​​by men for women.

    So why should a woman tell a man how to dress or what is good and what is not?

    because, when she dress , she thinks primarily in terms of appearance…not as a man for convenience.

    if a thing is good for her…she thinks that thing will make her more sexy…this thing becomes female…so she thinks, it is one thing for a woman! so a man can not and should not use something of her! it’s all in their heads! but it is a normal thing that she so thinks!

    the tights are the same that sneakers and pants…maybe trendy or not…but sure confortable!

    maybe it does not rain tomorrow . maybe I’ll do a tour with motorcycle. it is cold. i will use my tights under my pants…maybe, I will meet a sexy and intelligent girl with pants and sneakers :-)

    • Peter says:

      The idea of “female wanted to be looked at…etc” just showed that human is weird!

      If we look at other animals, for example:
      —male peacocks have tails to show off, but female don’t
      —roosters have comb and wattle to show off, but hens don’t
      —male lions have more hair and it helps attracting female lions

      But when we look at human beings, in contrary:
      —men have facial hair, but most shave it!
      —women keep ling hair, but men are not encouraged to
      —women can wear almost anything of any color, but men are not allowed

      Are we strange beings?
      Men are just prohibited to be themselves…

      • manty says:

        That’s well said and so terrible to admit. Unfortunately we can’t change what “evolution” has made us become in a few years but it feels that the trend for the past years has been to be more open to men trying more “women’s stuff”.

        Thanks to the brands in need to expand their markets, the metrosexual men is slowly being accepted, meaning that women tolerate more and more men taking care of themselves. Not by putting make up on, shaving their torso or even moisturizing but the concept by itself of having a man doing what is considered to be “female” is a big step.

        Now let’s go down to the legs and actually look at the practicality of men wearing hose, this isn’t just cosmetic, it’s practical, good looking and has a purpose. Putting make up / menscara, might be pushing the boundaries a little bit and doesn’t have all the benefits that mantyhose has to offer.

        I guess it’s a tough mission that we have in our hands but we slowly make progress, just need help/support from the actual brands and more marketing…

  2. Rob S says:

    My hosiery is both my underwear and my socks along with being my support. Pure and simple. Do they enhance my outfits? I think so. It’s my body, my clothes and I’ll enjoy wearing them regardless of what others think.

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