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Published on October 14th, 2013 | by manty


Pants are getting skinnier…!

This is probably the path that would ultimately lead to mantyhose!

But have you noticed how pants are getting skinnier? I go shopping quite often and if you go to Zara or H&M, pants are mostly ‘skinny’ ones. I actually bought a few and kinda like it and so does my partner.

Trend or not, clothing is becoming genderless over the years. Women borrowing clothes from men and men’s clothes trying to be more diverse having to pick in the women’s side.

If women enjoy looking closely to men’s butts / legs shaped by those skinny pants, then it should definitively make sense to see mantyhose on the streets as a next fashion trend.

Fashion designers are really trying to diverse men’s wardrobes and are putting mantyhose into their runways, not just a few but famous ones.

Those skinny pants even lead to “meggings” which is not a trend but how men leggings are called although those don’t look like anything nice. Real leggings for men do look alike with pantyhose but not those. Again, this is discrimination against mantyhose because those pictures filling the Internet / news magazines are just not well representing men wearing full length legwear. has been very good at actually taking their own shots and showing the world that mantyhose worn decently can look great.

We need more great fashion photos of mantyhose, and until then, those skinny pants are just one step forward towards our goal!

What’s your take on that?


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One Response to Pants are getting skinnier…!

  1. Ian says:

    I`m a huge meggings fan. See my story at “Squidoo”. “Meggings…Try Them…You`ll love `em!” by “Meggingmad”.

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