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Published on November 29th, 2013 | by manty


New trends in hosiery

Years are passing by and like computers, the hosiery industry is evolving bringing in new concepts, ideas, trying to keep us interested and have us buy more!

Among the hundreds of concepts, those that came to my mind would be:

  • Suspender tights or faux stockings (were a big hit last year)
  • Non slip sole
  • Toeless tights
  • Stirrup tights
  • Lurex effect tights
  • Faux socks tights
  • Tatoo tights
  • All kind of pattern tights (floral, swarovski incrusted, flags, words…)
  • Red ankles – Christian Louboutin style!
  • Mantyhose! (not to forget!)
  • All kind of new materials
  • and the list goes on


This is quite promising for us as the market doesn’t seem to stop innovating, but again, focus should be now made on Unisex targeted hosiery. So manufacturers, wake-up and stand up for us, male, your biggest untouched market! Men are buying women’s hosiery, this is sad when men should be allowed to openly find a wide range of products targeted to them and without any feeling of guilt because once again, millions of men haven’t had a chance to experience pantyhose, and if you are all launching unisex tights (like Emilio Cavallini), then people will start changing their mind and start being open to it.

What is coming next?!

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