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Ladies, this is why your partner wears pantyhose…

why is your partner wearing pantyhose

This guide is dedicated to men trying to help their wife or girlfriend understand why it is Ok for us, men, to wear pantyhose.

Please take a few minutes of your time reading this article to help us make you understand why it’s ok for a man to wear pantyhose.

1. First of all, please read those facts:


  • Men have been wearing pantyhose for centuries – It has now made a come back for the past 10 years and is no longer becoming taboo…
  • If your partner wears pantyhose, it doesn’t mean that he is not straight! He is just more sensitive to materials.
  • Millions if not tens of millions of men across the globe wear pantyhose. It could be your best friends, your co-worker, 95% of men won’t admit it because the society we live in judge people by their appearances
  • In 2012, Forbes magazine indicated that mantyhose could be the next billion dollar undergarment idea – Because of all its benefits for the male industry.
  • “They’re way less ugly than other bad fashion choices” (Forbes) such as overlarge t-shirt, shapeless khakis or jeans, white socks, the dreaded big white sneakers…
  • It has a purpose! Yes, it can keep his legs warm but also make them look great! A great pair of mantyhose will make his bump and legs look sharp!
  • He is not a metro sexual per say. Wearing mantyhose is not a metro sexual trend, but more of a practical, comfortable item for him! Yes you might disagree with the comfort part of it, but men will appreciate as much as women textures and materials, so why should it be only yours to enjoy?!
  • He will not start wearing a bra or a skirt with high heels! The intent to wear mantyhose is for practicality but also because of the great feelings that it provides. Why do you think he has been hiding it for so long? Because of the fear of being judged without having a chance to explain that he is not the only one out there wearing them.  Tyson Beckford (international model) for example has been exposing them to the public
  • The biggest pantyhose brands have or will carry pantyhose for men, Wolford did, Gerbe did, Emilio Cavallini did and many brands dedicated to men’s pantyhose have been on the market for many years with lots of success (Comfilon/Activskin for instance).
  • This is not a new trend. Pantyhose for men has been going on for the longest time. It’s just becoming a more popular topic since Internet came and that brands are starting acknowledging the industry and making them more popular.
  • Wearing a pair of pantyhose doesn’t make him lose his masculinity! Easy example being Superman or Robin Hood with their costumes! (Although pantyhose for men are not as flashy!!!)
  • Pantyhose is being worn by many sports professionals (not only dancers!) such as Football, Basketball, Cyclists and more. But also by outdoor workers that have the need for warmth.
  • You might be disliking the feeling of wearing pantyhose. But remember that this is new to men, most of them are discovering the sensation of nylon / microfibre on their legs.  They don’t experience the discomfort that you may have.
  • Designers are incorporating more and more mantyhose on their runways. This is becoming a regular garment which is being featured more and more in men’s fashion (Givenchy, Alexandre Herchcotitch, Emilio Cavallini and more).
  • Pants are getting skinnier and clothing in general is becoming more genderless.
  • Nylon / lycra is now incorporated in many boxers / underwears for men.
  • This is an underwear, 1 piece of clothe, just a detail!

2. This is what you should think of before making your own opinion:

  • He is not looking to come out in public in fishnets! Your man is looking to wear regular pantyhose (opaque, black, nude, brown, navy, grey…). The sensation of wearing nylon is new to men (underwears are now using more and more nylon / microfibre) and although you might take it for granted as a woman, the soft feeling can be appreciated and experienced by your partner.
  • If he made you read that article, it’s because it means a lot to him, you are his partner for life and he wants you to understand it better, it means a lot to him that you accept it. The problem is that whether you find it attractive or not, have you seen him wearing them? If you did, were your first thoughts directed towards “is he gay? Is he a cross dresser? Is he going to wear my bras?” and so on? This is normal and some of you will accept it, and some of you won’t give up still believing one of those thoughts, but please keep in mind that he is not! He loves you and accepting it will mean the world to him.
  • Sexually speaking, having your acceptance will dramatically increase his drive and your sexual life can only be improved!
  • Tolerating it is good but will not help your couple. The reason is that it might just tell him  ok wear them but in secret and please don’t show them to me. By doing so, he will feel rejected and you might just have slept next to the best opportunity to give your relationship a great boost (that seems to be nothing to you, but is to him).
  • He is the same man, after reading this article, the man that you spend your life with is the exact same person but depending on your reaction, can improve your partnership for the best…
  • If your current sexual life is stagnant or don’t see any drive in him, try to bring pantyhose in your couple! That might sound odd, unnecessary to you but might be the turning point of a regular or shy sexual relationship and bring it to a complete new level giving him the desire to touch you, to satisfy you and much more… A survey has demonstrated that 100% of the couples sharing their fetish and being open about it live the most passionate and loving relationships.

3. Conclusion… 

If you are ok with it, just tell him, that would make things so much easier. For many men, the non acceptance, laughs or shame to be judged makes it harder to live with. If you could simply talk about it, that would show him how much you care about him, and also could only benefit to your couple.

To some men, it can be a fetish. If it is, well how bad is it? Would you rather have him be into some more radical fetishes?! More than 50% of the population has a fetish, so just try to accept it and go with it. Pantyhose fetish is in the top 10 of the most common fetishes, and many sexual therapists would say that instead of trying to understand what, you should wonder “how do we integrate this fetish into our lives / relationship in a way that it feels good and healthy to the both of us?”

You can’t help someone to get a fetish out of their head but carrying it can only dramatically improve the sexual life in the couple. Again, you are dealing with the exact same person you met a few years ago, but now, you can liberate him which will ultimately benefit both of you. Also, not to forget, most men (most likely yours!) will always put his priority on you, and won’t put those pantyhose first in the couple and see you just as a pair of legs wearing those. This is just a way to add spice to your couple nothing else, but remember as much as you may want to laugh about it because it might make you look at things from a different perspective, that might be hurtful and make him feel ashamed about something that is part of him.

You don’t like wearing pantyhose?! Then just wear them when you are at home with him. Making that tiny effort will only make him see that you care for him. That will for sure get him do whatever you’d like him to do! Try to have sexual intercourse wearing them. You might not enjoy the fact of wearing pantyhose but you will for sure enjoy your partner be completely awakened by the situation and be on his best sexual acts for you!

To conclude, having your man wearing pantyhose is nothing! Millions of other men do, he just wants to share this with you because it means a lot to him, the fact that you accept it and hopefully embrace it! It will be for the good of your couple. Go shopping for pantyhose for you and him, or pull aside a pair you want him to wear in the morning, these gestures will make him see you as a different person! Remember that again, he is not looking at you as a pair of legs that he can have sex with but rather the woman he loves that accepts him for who he is.

I personally shared my passion for hosiery with my wife a few years ago when our relationship wasn’t at its best because I felt that I had enough of pretending that I was wearing them just for practicality. Once she understood that it was more of a fetish to me, that I couldn’t help it, she dealt with it in a fantastic way and had liberated me! Our relationship is stronger than ever just because of that tiny move that took me so long to admit. Now she is the one buying them for us :)

You still disagree with it? Then your love for him might not be strong enough to accept such a simple fact. He hasn’t been cheating on you? He has been kind and supportive to you? Come on, can this 1 piece of clothing (which is becoming more in trend) be so much of a big deal?! Look at it on the bright side, now you know what turns him on (although he might have given you some indications in the past) and it gives you a great opportunity to tell him what you’d like him to do for you!

4. A few photos to get you familiar with men wearing pantyhose

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