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Published on October 8th, 2013 | by manty


Is wearing pantyhose considered as cross-dressing?!

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Many women looking at the mantyhose as a cross-dressing habit, which makes sense because thinking of their partner / man wearing a pair of 20 Deniers on their legs could lead to the thinking of him, potentially wearing heels, skirts, bras etc.

Pantyhose is often associated with skirts/dresses because women would wear them more often with those on. So they would automatically associate it with cross-dressing. “If I let him wear hosiery, then he might come up to me one day with a skirt on and heels…” – Let’s make it clear, there are 3 kinds of pantyhose wearers:

  1. The men that wear pantyhose because of a medical condition
  2. The men that wear pantyhose because of its benefits (Warmth, blood circulation increase, comfort…)
  3. And the men that wear them as a fetish.

Taking the first 2 categories out, the fetishism side of it can be defined in many subcategories (Cross-dressing, sexual acts wearing them, SM and more). Women’s would potentially put you in that 3rd category believing that you wear them to fulfill your fetishism and could open the door to having their long life partner become somebody else, which of course they are not ready for.

While many could use pantyhose as part of a cross-dressing outfit, this is again preconceived ideas that require a conversation with your partner so you can be open about the topic and be ready to face those questions or explain where you want to go with it.

corssdresser2Telling my partner that I wear them for medical reasons or for its benefits from preventing your legs to be cold won’t scare her off but she might expect you to take them off prior to a sexual act or worst, advise you to wear long-johns! If this happens, make sure to let her know that if she had to choose between wearing her grand-mother cotton panties or the latest Victoria Secrets boxers in lycra/nylon, what would she pick? It’s then the same for us, men…

If you tell her that you just enjoy wearing pantyhose because of the sensation it gives you and how much it turns you on seeing her wearing them could be helping if you consider wearing them while having sex but she has to understand that you are fantasizing on her + you wearing them, touching/crossing your legs/feet in pantyhose, procuring you a next level of excitement but she is and will remain your fantasy, not the stockings!

And finally, if you belong to the cross-dressing category but is a straight person, having the conversation will of course be trickier. As I was reading a lot of blogs and articles, this is a very common behavior. You might have been hiding for years and as the years go by, you might be looking for an increased rush of wearing pantyhose, which might be leading to wearing more women’s garments such as bras, panties, heels, skirts, dresses, put on make up etc. Having your partner find out about it might turn down your relationship because of how it can be a shocker for her to see it.

She will not see you as the same person if you haven’t told her up front, she might be taking you for a bi or gay person because of it, she might be thinking that you are not “the man” that she once dated etc. So I would suggest you try to work it on your end. She doesn’t need to know about it unless you are 100% sure she is understanding and will be accepting it (you would then be with the 1% of those who would!) and try to change this habit by focusing more on your partner. Turn this cross-dressing need into an open conversation with your partner telling her that you enjoy wearing pantyhose and would love her to try to be open to it and bring on your best sexual behavior when it comes to it. Try to give her a reason for accepting it and hopefully one day she will be asking you to wear them! At which point, you might not need to cross-dress as much as you did.

Most important is that she knows that she is your #1, she is your priority, Pantyhose is just an accessory – a sexual boost for you but without her, it can’t be.

Cross-dressing is, has and will happen, now if you want to keep it secret, you might be get cut because of the need of increased rush either by doing it more often, or cheating on her or whatever else. If you want to keep your partner, you need to work on making it less of a priority and making your relationship your main focus. Cross-dressing is selfish and only satisfies your need, when an improved sexual life with your partner can fulfill both your needs and hers but also improve both of your lives being satisfied with each other.

What do you think?

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15 Responses to Is wearing pantyhose considered as cross-dressing?!

  1. Hoselover says:

    I actually crossdress from time to time, I guess because pantyhose have been part of most of my life since my early childhood and I love / feeling nylon and lycra on my body. So i got tempted to wear women’s underwears, then bras, then skirts but I actually is passionate about high heels. The way it looks on a woman is actually “feminity” at its glory and the need to wear them came to me quite early. I am completely straight and is in love with women but can’t help it.

    Great article BTW

  2. manty says:

    Totally makes sense and you are not alone!

  3. Bobby says:

    I am also a straight man,& I love to wear pantyhose underneath my clothesI wear them all day long. But that were my fetishes,stop I just wear pantyhose,& hooters scrunchie sock, I don’t have any interest wearing bras or panties I just love wearing pantyhose I love the way they feel against my legs. & the only porn I do watch girls have to wear pantyhose that’s the only porn I watch girls have to wear pantyhose that is my favorite.

    • manty says:

      Thanks Bobby for your comment.

      Definitively most of pantyhose lovers do and it’s hard not to appreciate and fantasize over a beautiful woman wearing hosiery. Nothing wrong with it and it doesn’t harm anyone.

  4. Mike says:

    Hi Manty
    I’m new to this site. I’m a straight male in my mid 50’s. Married with one child.I have loved nylons on women since my kindergarten teacher wore stockings in the 1960’s. A few years later I touched my babysiters nylon clad legs underneath her slacks lifting me with her legs. Her strength and hose were powerful and erotic for a 10 year old. Three years later while enptying the trash, saw a pair of my mom’s pantyhose with some runs in them. Once I tried them on I would sneak around and put on any pairvi could when nobody else was home. That went on 5 years off and on, but a couple of times escalated to bra panties dresses and skirts. I went to college, the Army and got married. Ocassionally snuck in my wife’s drawer to wear her pantyhose. Not very often. Basically stopped 12 years ago suppressing my desire.

    Fast forward to the past year. I had 2 knee replacement surgeries over a 9 month period. With that came edema and circulation issues. So my sugeon presscibed compression hosiery. Because of this and my wife works in the healtcare business, it is now ok. In fact its ok if I want to wear my pantyhose with shorts in public.

    In the past 6 months I have bought 4 pairs of compression ph and now have 7 additional pairs of regular ph. My circulation has improved and I am hooked. Wearing ph 7 days a week anf without underwear. I love the soft feel, sensuousness and sexiness. Now I am getting urges to go farther than just wearing ph. Though at the same time I think putting on a wig, heels bra, panties, skirts blouses, lipstick and makeup are a lot of work. Still tonight I am painting my toe nails with clear polish. I have thought that wearing only ph would not mean I wasca cross dresser, but given how I started years ago and now reading your great blog maybe I am one. Either way I am glad I stopped suppressing my desire to wear p. Thanks for your blog and website.

    • manty says:

      Hi Mike! Thanks a lot for sharing your story!

      It’s sometimes beyond our control and I am sure a lot of us can relate.

      As long as your wife approves it, then this is definitively a huge relief.

      Take care and keep being yourself!

  5. Mike says:

    Thanks Manty. Yes it is a relief. Grateful my wife not only accepts my wearing pantyhose, but encourages this. No more trying to suppress it out of started as a fetish. I am who I am , a cross dresser and now happier. All man with a feminine side to balanceYou’re right the garments are tools to enhance the lovemaking, but make sure its about her I desire. Thanks again for your blog

    • manty says:

      Yes definitively, the clothes are enhancers but always keep in mind that she is the one allowing you to cross dress and accepts it. Not many women would, and for that, she deserves lots of love. Having her on board is quite tremendous and if she also wears hosiery with you, it’s priceless!

      Take care and thanks for reading 😉

  6. Peter says:

    The word “cross-dressing” itself is already very discriminating.
    A man wearing women’s cloths cross-dressing.
    A woman wearing men’s cloths not cross-dressing.
    Women can wear almost everything, and men don’t have any options at all.

    Men have legs and women have legs, anyone with legs need socks.
    Footsies, socks, ankle socks, knee highs, over knees…
    And pantyhose is just a pair of long socks!
    Why not man?
    Why anything above the knee is women only?

    A pair of pantyhose is not a bra, it have nothing to do with anatomy.
    Anyone with legs should be able to wear it.

    Remember, 300+ years ago, only rich men can wear hoisery!
    Women fight for their fights to wear trousers 40 years ago and they succeed.
    Men, time to fight back!

    • manty says:

      Thanks Peter for your feedback.

      For sure it’s discriminating and that’s how we all feel when we wear pantyhose and are being judged / compared to a transgender/cross-dresser or whatever names could come to people’s mind when they are not educated enough on the topic.

      What you said makes 150% sense, and people like you can help getting the general population’s acceptance made faster.

      Thanks for reading!

  7. Rob S says:

    As a straight, married with kids male who wears hosiery for a medical condition but also includes hosiery as a part of my every day attire, I do not believe that if you wear hosiery then you are considered a crossdresser. If I wore a kilt (a male garment) with my hosiery, am I still considered crossdressing? No.

    If I decided to wear clothing to make myself look like a woman, then yes (IMHO). I find it offensive that anyone (who may not understand why we wear hosiery) would consider this! If we wear our hosiery in a masculine fashion with masculine clothes, are we STILL crossdressing? Hell NO! If one wishes to crossdress, then do it! Be yourself! Who cares what ANYONE (outside of your family) thinks?

    • manty says:

      Hi Rob,

      The idea was to talk more about men that could potentially have the desire to experience women’s clothes. Being tempted to wear bras, women’s underwears, skirts, heels etc. Many men do and this is a natural curiosity I believe, whom never wondered how your girlfriend feels wearing this sexy dress? Now being curious about it and actually wearing is another story. Having your girlfriend/wife on board with that must definitively be a tough one and this is what I was trying to explain.

      I really have nothing against men doing so, because I personally have been curious about it but didn’t feel the need, and can totally relate to those who did but again, wearing hosiery as a man is challenging but pairing it with a kilt / skirt would make it even more of a shocker. Whether you don’t care of what people think about you, we are also trying to get the global mentality upgrade their preconceived ideas about “mantyhose” so our kids won’t have to hide like we did.

      If all men were to get on the streets wearing make-up, dresses and heels, this would be definitively a no-no from 99.99% of the female community, while if men were to gently get out in well-put hosiery with shorts, then it might be a 75% no-no from women, until they start getting used to it and get it down to a 5% no-no! :)

  8. Ian says:

    HI! I love wearing ph`s and tights, either under trousers or with shorts. I don`t see it as cross dressing. For me it`s just a “tights thing”. I “man-up” the top half for a masculine but stylish look.

  9. mytights says:

    Never a fetish or crossdressing its a great fashion look to me have so many pairs. I think it makes ones legs look great.

  10. Kim Cummings says:

    Leggings or tights or nylons(pantyhose) are merely a covering for the legs. Worn with a skirt or dress, it would be crossdressing. As long underwear or compression stocking even if the comfort of the soft material is pleasantly desirable, I don’t see it as a perversion. But then again, the identification with women is a plus. Women wearing pants is fine. Men in nylons is emasulating. But only if is bothers you.

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