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Published on January 14th, 2014 | by manty


How to get your wife to buy pantyhose for you…

To me, this has been one of my top wishes… Having my wife buy a pair of pantyhose for me.

Not that I lack from having a selection at home but mostly because this means that she is on board with my need of wearing pantyhose.

Here are some ideas on how to make this situation happen…

  • If it’s a cold day of winter, get her to go shopping at a store such as Sears, Target, Saks, Nordstrom or similar. This way, get her to find something she likes, then as you walk by the hosiery section ask her if she could help you find a pair of pantyhose for warmth because the ones you have are to be replaced and you can’t find any in the men’s section. She might ask you to check the men’s section but explain her that they don’t sell any for men at retail stores and that basically men’s hosiery is the same as women’s, it’s just a difference on the packaging…Success rate: 75%
  • At home, on a cold day as well, tell her that you need new pair of underwears/socks and then ask her if she needs some too… Obviously she will respond yes… So make sure to go on a website that sells lots of hosiery but also have underwears. A great place to go would be or While you find stuff for her, get her to buy multiple items then if on, go to the men’s section and ask her which one she’d prefer you to wear. If she says that none of them look good, then get her to pick one from the opaque sections explaining once again that men’s pantyhose are the same as women’s and that is just a packaging difference for the most part. Alternatively, you could go on and show her their new unisex mantyhose line, ask her if she’d like to pair up with you saying that this couple looks hot and how fun it would be to wear a matching pair…Success rate: 70%
  • Be tactical… If your partner gets her clothes ready for the next day or if you know which pair of hose she’ll be wearing, try to make a small rip on them when left unattended! So when she puts them on, make sure you’re close by so she can make a comment about how her hosiery just had a run… Then, as a great partner that you are, this is your perfect excuse to give her the opportunity to buy some new ones. Arrange a date with her another day or when shopping, remind her that she had her hose to be replaced to give a reason to go shop at a hosiery store. When going with her at a store, try to be helpful and help her choose a few pairs… When she has made her choices, then bring the attention on you telling her that you also need a new pair and you’re lost and unsure on what she is fine to see you wear, so tell her pick a few for me then! If she says that they don’t carry men’s, then once again, bring the same excuse that mantyhose are only available online and that they are exactly the same as women’s (it’s just a size and a packaging difference).Success rate: 50%
  • In the winter, plan for a week-end gateway. Pack up your bags like you’d normally do but don’t bring any socks. While driving have a sudden revelation and tell her that oops you forgot to pack socks with you and ask her if she wouldn’t mind to stop by at the next Walmart or Target. Once you’re in there, this is your opportunity to say “hey would you mind helping me find a warm pair of tights because you’re feet are very cold”. Then manage to buy regular socks so it doesn’t look like you’ve stopped just for hosiery.Success rate: 75%

We’ve got to be ingenious when it comes to fulfilling our wishes, best of all would be to find a partner that is actually completely on board with it!


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