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Published on December 3rd, 2013 | by manty


December, 31 days of pantyhose challenge

With Christmas and New Year around the corner, December is the perfect month to challenge ourselves.

How many pairs of pantyhose do you own?! I personally lost count. They are everywhere… and because of that, I tend to forget a few amazing hose that get lost.

My trick is to do an annual clean up. Start gathering all your hosiery and create piles: 1 for opaques, 1 for sheer, 1 for “fancy” ones. Then put aside the ones you really enjoy and make sure they are easily accessible.

I got maybe 30 pairs sent to the garbage last year because we don’t need to keep those pantyhose that we are like “hmmm they are ok!” because we’ll never wear them, preferring a nicer pair.

December is 31 days, like the advent calendar, why not wearing a different pair every day! Try to be imaginative and make a wise selection. Every day can be the chance to feel something different.

Last year, my wife had this santa wife costume on and paired it with an amazing pair of Pierre Mantoux

The perfect holiday pantyhose. A bit of thickness, shine, nice skin color, a perfect combo to help make Christmas a little bit better!

Until then, how many pairs do you think you own?!

(I would say 200+ on my side)



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One Response to December, 31 days of pantyhose challenge

  1. Fiery1 says:

    I definitely have plenty of pantyhose/tights… lots that are just sitting in their original packaging waiting for that ‘special day’ when they will be best suited. Then there’s the usual staple pantyhose that are typical daily wear hose… and now since the weather has turned toward the colder end of the spectrum, I’ve brought out the seasonal thicker much warmer tights from storage. I try to not have too many on the go and cycle through them until the inevitable happens and they get relegated to the bag of dead hosiery(from which I’ll cut them up as the need arises for rags, the elastic waistband, or a leg or two). Its probably this bag that could use the year end purging, heh.

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