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Published on November 18th, 2013 | by manty


Celebrities/Athletes wearing mantyhose

In addition to the previous article talking about sportmen wearing tights, there is definitively a lack of variety of mantyhose photos around the net.

As much as I wish I could take my own photos, nobody would care about it because I’m not a celebrity!

Only Tyson Beckford, who was showing his support wearing mantyhose for Emilio Cavallini, there are no other photos that we could relate to and be proud of.


If more celebrities like him would wear them, it would be automatically be featured in magazines and start a global topic about mantyhose. For now, we look like a fetishist minority when it could be just the ┬ánext underwear “must-have” for the upcoming years for men.

If would take a few major brands such as Emilio Cavallini, Wolford, Falke, Fogal, Pretty Polly, Dim to name a few to actually come up with men’s pantyhose and then have a marketing plan in action to get more celebrities get on board. Reminds me of David Beckham with his underwear collection for H&M



It looks like his collection / marketing plan was a success, but lacks of originality. I have bought these underwears for the sake of seeing if they had anything special but nothing special about it.

So brands, wake up!

Between large pantyhose brands, worldwide retailers chains such as H&M, Zara or even Uniqlo (who has brought a semi “legging” for men) could be our best chance in getting the word out. It would take one iconic (straight) celebrity to change the global opinion.

Which celebrity would you believe would do the job right?

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