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Published on November 13th, 2013 | by manty


Can pantyhose be used for Sports?!

I was intrigued by reading quite a few articles related to that topic.

To me, it’s hard to just get outside and wear mantyhose just because I can’t stand the idea of being judged or looked at. But I would feel so good if only I could just know that nobody cares!

I hardly get on my backyard or front porch wearing tights to say the truth, because of the fear to be seen. Anyway, the fact is that cyclists or joggers are wearing “lycra” in most cases leggings (call it whatever you’d like) gives a good excuse to wear them because it has became a standard. Tights can be then used for that purpose and because everyone can get on a bike or start running, this is a great excuse for doing so!

I don’t like running, and bicycle is not my cup of tea but I might give a shot at running in them!

Tights / Pantyhose can be used in many other sports (this is a post that I submitted a few days ago (, and given the history of fashion, it happened in the past to have sportswear items that became fashionable and worn by everyone, to name a few: Sport shoes (worn for comfort and style), dance items such as leggings or legwarmers etc.

So, sport, be our excuse to get out, and be fashionable enough that it becomes just cool to wear it every day!

Mantyhose actually provides benefits – It keeps you warm, it’s comfortable and it helps blood circulation. It’s like saying that we have a red Ferrari in our garage but won’t use it because people might judge you and you would feel looked at, so you would rather drive your VW Golf so people can’t notice it. Are we missing on having a great driving experience with our Ferrari?


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8 Responses to Can pantyhose be used for Sports?!

  1. Rob S. says:

    I don’t know if you’ve been on the LAUF forum on Delphi (Legware As Unisex Fashion), but we have this discussion almost every day. One of the few things that we says is that in order to get rid of the “demons” in your head is to take baby steps.

    Start off in shorts and skin tone hosiery, go at night to the gas station. Try small jaunts here and there. If that is too much, then just wear outside your house. Do what is comfortable to you, but remember to take baby steps.

    If you want to talk to like-minded people (and we also have females who support us as well), please feel free to join us. You’ll find more people to advertise your blog as well.

  2. Tom says:

    I work at a computer desk, so I have gotten in the habit of wearing mild support pantyhose in flesh tone. When it’s warm, I wear them with shorts. No one has said a word to me about it, but if/when they do, I’ll emphasize the blood circulation aspect. So, between sports and work, there are at least two excuses to wear hosiery openly.

  3. biker says:

    I do not doubt that some men use pantyhose as a fetish , but a good 90 % use them because they are comfortable ! the first tights originates from the times of the Roman legions ! to move to the Middle Ages. the cowboys used . the use of the soldiers in the army in modern times. The use athletes ( riders , cyclists, runners ) and so on. etc. . the list is long ! where is the problem ? ? simply does not exist ! The technology was created for the sole purpose of facilitating the human race (male or female) to more easily overcome is more comfortably in any situation where it is ! power steering or automatic transmission of a car was designed and created perhaps only for the female gender because it does not have enough strength or skill in the guide ? The examples are endless ! we are the human race , male and female ! was invented polyester, many materials and objects were manufactured with it we all use . also t -shirts, boxer shorts, tights and bodywear . if you look at the tights as a technical clothing you will understand that it is no different from any other that is at your disposal to improve your life ! why use three garments , underwear and two socks when only one is more practical ? genitals that never run away to the right or left, never two socks that go down or block the circulation in the calves ! if you think about it , the tights is functional as it is for a male to a female. try it! you can work outdoors and be more protected . You can do sports and be more protected . you can go on a motorcycle and be more secure without having to use a diver’s clothing . The examples are endless ! Is it better to stay at home with the flu? I’m a biker and I discovered that the t -shirt microfiber fabric were better than everyone else for wind resistance, warmth and breathability. one day I tried a microfiber tights . never rheumatic pains in the knees , comfort , feet warm and dry ! only convenience and comfort ! if a woman criticizes me because I use tights the answer that is right, but that his pants to make a really huge ass !  paranoia only complicate life 😉 ! my passion is the motorcycle , and now I live even better throughout the year. even on the coldest days !…(sorry for my english)

    • manty says:

      Thank you for your fantastic reply.

      Everything you said is so true and basic, that it doesn’t make sense to even question why everyone would wear tights!

      My wife asked me the first time if after I wear tights I would start wearing her skirts, bras etc. She had a basic first reaction thinking that pantyhose only belongs to women but if more of us would wear them then the opinion might change

      Take care

  4. biker says:

    the skirt!

    as I read somewhere, the only piece of clothing women’s underwear is a bra. indeed it is true ! the man does not need bra ! … everything else depends on and is relative. the colors, fabrics and shapes of garments are subject to fashion and tastes ! Men use tights under pants because they find comfortable and not to show off your legs . this does not affect them! the man has no interest in make-up or high heels or lace. maybe maybe some women find it uncomfortable to wear tights under your pants because I can use the skirt that is most comfortable.;-) Also the skirt is a piece of clothing that over the centuries has been in common use for both genders . no one wants to wear a skirt but when men come out of the shower with a towel around his waist can imagine it might be convenient for them :-) . in other cultures of the world the use of robe or pareo is customary for men simply because it is practical! should dress according to the need of the moment and the situation. enough to have style and taste. the mistake of designer clothing that cover the subject is falling in the excess making it look ridiculous idea in the eyes of people conformist . women appreciate the man with skirt in historical films and think it manly. strange is not it ? perhaps it is just as a thing is made to look like and then be normal and accepted by all . perhaps to be modern enough to look back or just ask the women what is that it is more comfortable to wear :-) you just have to think and talk. always have taste and style!

    • manty says:

      I like your simple logic that completely makes sense and if everyone was to be objective like you do, life for many of us would be much easier!

      • biker says:

        I thank you for appreciating my simple thought.

        logic would suggest that in fact the tights is very useful to a man for multiple benefits. as do the skirt. think about how many times a man with pants, crushes its attributes when sitting in a car?
        a woman that does not happen!
        logic would say it is more convenient for a man skirt and pants for a woman.
        if you used what is best depending on the situation would be much easier.

        Women know this, and do this.

        simple is not it?

        The sportswear is more unisex, because it is tailored to the needs, because it is designed with logic.

        then the tights can be used for sport and if it goes well for sports…it goes well for all :-)

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