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Mantyhose News Guess if this is bare legs?

Published on October 23rd, 2013 | by manty


Bare legs or pantyhose? What’s the trend…

Ok the fact is that back in the days, wearing hosiery was a symbol of luxury, it was classy and glamour.

Nowadays more and more women tend to see hosiery as an instrument of torture. Why?! (Read this previous post about Women and pantyhose)

First, let’s talk about the hosiery itself. How many women had the privilege to wear high-end hosiery? Wolford, Falke, Fogal, you name it… Most of the time, buying hosiery, being considered as “I am obligated to wear pantyhose, so I will buy the first one that come in handy” makes them buy whatever cheap hosiery that you could find at a Walmart, convenient store etc. So there is a tremendous gap between the feel of wearing a pair of L’eggs or Hanes or any cheap brand and high-end hosiery. Those cheap ones don’t feel comfortable, their materials are itchy, makes you sweat where you don’t want to, and much more. Women should have the right to try on what we consider as real hosiery and then make their own statement. If they still believe it’s a piece of torture, then we can’t fight it!

Second, these past decades, the trend goes to look younger and younger. Although a pair of pantyhose would make your legs look sharp, shiny or very clean, young girls nowadays avoid wearing them. So as an older woman, you would feel more disconnected from the younger crowds that you see on the streets or on TV because wearing hosiery is so last century for those girls.

Third, the other influence of TV / Magazines on celebrities. People want to be dressed like the stars you see on those media, and well the problem is that most of them live … in California, Florida wherever the sun and the heat are taking away the need of wearing hosiery. So you see more and more celebrities not wearing them because it’s simply too hot out! The few you’d see are those that would go in NYC during colder days. So women would consciously or unconsciously replicating the trend on their end…

Fourth, social media / internet will most likely feature articles being negative about hosiery rather than “this is amazing”. People tend to comment more when they have a negative opinion to share, so we see more negative articles / comments about hosiery over the internet.

There are a whole bunch of other excuses to go bare legs such as wearing open toe shoes (well sorry some models of pantyhose are toeless! But read this article if you are debating about it…)

Check out this video that shows you a good side by side comparison:

Because of that, sales of women’s hosiery is going slightly down. But Kate Middleton was able to get this trend up by showcasing her outfits most of the time wearing classic hosiery (read more here). Also, pantyhose manufacturers became more creative and tried to revert the trend by featuring new styles (faux garterbelts, faux stockings, pantyhose with patterns / signs or words etc.). This was able to reach out to a younger crowd and it did quite well.

You can see many celebrities and regular people wearing them and could potentially influence women to do so to.

There are 3 sides:

  • Women that loves hosiery,
  • Women that have to wear hosiery for work but take them off first thing when they get home,
  • Women that hate hosiery.

Bare legs is definitively an unfortunate trend that hopefully will come to a reason and on the good side of it, helped the pantyhose manufacturers to be more creative and come up with new materials.

On the good side of wearing pantyhose, there are many more pros than cons. Ok we are hosiery advocates here but this is common sense: Pantyhose help your legs look sharper, enhance your look, make your legs desirable, helps to hide hair or vains, helps you look more tanned, helps heels and boots be more comfortable than wearing them bare feet, and so on.

Come on, can’t you admit that with them it looks so much better?!

Another video about this topic:

What does it has to do with us men?! Well the more women are sold on the fact that hosiery is GREAT, and have them wear more and more, will make the acceptance of mantyhose much easier.

If everyone goes bare legs, then we look like outsiders. We just want to share the love of pantyhose with our women!

The forums / blogs / articles comments about mantyhose often get comments from women that can’t understand why a man would be wearing them as it is so uncomfortable. Those women belong to the category of women that never tried a high end pair of hose, and maybe only know about compression hose and how it can be painful to keep them on all day. To those people, we need to en-light them.

If you guys could, would you wear hosiery in summer / hot days?!

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